The Art of Allergies

An allergy inducing video to entice people to download a voice action to help combat allergies.


The Art of Allergies

To align better with Zyrtec’s bigger data initiative to personalize messaging, our in-house innovation team took Zyrtec’s 7 year old AllergyCast mobile app and turned it into a voice action for Google Assistant. When users prompt Google Assistant with the “talk to Zyrtec” invocation, recited back is their AllergyCast, a personalized daily allergy forecast based on their location created with third-party data and stats. Users then have the ability to ask more in-depth questions, such as which pollens are popping at any given time.

For launch, we worked with Google and the Zyrtec brand team to develop a :15 pre-roll video to help promote the voice action. The video stems from the insight that nature is the epitome of beauty, but for those who suffer from allergies, it’s also the epitome of suffering. However, with the help of Zyrtec and Google Assistant, anyone can master the Art of Allergies to be able to enjoy all the beauty that allergy season has to offer.


Created with:
Josh Greenspan (ECD), Courtney Harris (CW)