Welcome to my other portfolio.

For as long as I can remember, most nights of my childhood ended with a scoop (or two) or ice cream. While probably not that healthiest, it made be an ice cream lover for life. So recently, I finally decided to pull the plug and buy an ice cream maker to fulfill all of my ice cream dreams. Taking over my life, and tiny (read incredibly small) studio kitchen, I try to create flavors inspired by the people and places I encounter, and also just whatever I think would taste really good.

This is my ice cream portfolio, and below are some flavors that I’ve churned up.

Pints Made: 11



the basic batch

For all the Ashley’s and Chad’s, and quite frankly anybody and everybody out there, that loves the simple and classic ice cream basics.

Vanilla ice cream, with sprinkles and homemade caramel sauce folded in.


Café de olla

After booking a spontaneous trip to Mexico City, I came across a traditional staple in Mexican culture, Café de Olla. Traditionally made in clay pots, this coffee is infused with a variety of spices. Upon the first sip, naturally, I thought, “this would be great as ice cream.’” And sure enough, it was.

Coffee ice cream created from a Mexican roast, along with cinnamon, vanilla, molasses & brown sugar, with homemade dulce de leche layered in.

jammin’ strawberries

Sometimes in the summer heat, a scoop of strawberry ice cream is all that you need. On one hot summer Saturday, Jammin’ Strawberries was born.

Strawberries ‘n’ cream ice cream, layered with homemade strawberry jam.


nancy’s blueberry pie

Named after my grandma who may or may not have ever made blueberry pie, or for a matter of fact, even prefers it. However, I do know for a fact that she does love Jack Daniels.

Blueberry ice cream, with homemade blueberry pie filling and pie crumbled swirled in. *There is no Jack Daniels in here.


nanners ‘n’ nillas

Magnolia Bakery is a New York institution that makes a delicious banana pudding. It’s one of my favorite sweet treats in the city that shockingly is not ice cream. So I decided to fix that.

Banana pudding ice cream, with Nilla vanilla wafers folded in.


The next flavor in the works is inspired not by a place, but how you get there…

Stay tuned!