Cheer As One


While the Olympic Games are an elite competition, they provide a historic opportunity for individuals to put aside their national differences and celebrate as one. We brought this sense of “oneness” to life by using the FIAT brand as a platform to inspire camaraderie and community.

To do this, we used a white FIAT 124 Spider as a canvas and partnered with adept artist, Pinstripe Chris, to adorned the body of the car with the flag of every nation competing.

On social, we engaged with users by asking what country they were routing for, and in response back to them we shared pieces of microcontent that showed the creation of each individual nation’s flag.

The car even made an appearance at the 22nd Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, MI, an annual one-day event that drew in an estimated 1 million visitors. 

Throughout the games, the campaign successfully celebrated the athletes who inspire the nations of the world to Cheer As One. 


Created with Nick Childs (CCO), Josh Greenspan (ECD), Seth Kelly (CD), Sarah Dennis-Browne (ACD), Courtney Harris (CW).