Back to the Start


The California Lottery believes in the power of a good education and passionate teachers. That’s why they wanted a campaign, not to sell lottery tickets, but to let people know of their $1 billion annual contribution to California public schools. While it’s a modest contribution per school district, it still makes a difference.

This led us to our school-year-long #ThankATeacher campaign, which was centered around an emotional documentary film series. We sent three celebrity influencers to the California public school where they grew up, back to where it all started, to thank the teacher who had a dramatic impact on their lives.

Our effective social campaign was recognized by Facebook and was featured within their Facebook Business Success Stories page.


Press: PitchforkPeople, People, HuffPo, Fox Sports

Created with Nick Childs (CCO), Josh Greenspan (ECD), Sarah Dennis-Browne (ACD), Courtney Harris (CW), Jeremy Mack (Prod).